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Hartman Teak - Coast 2 & 3 Seater Benches

Code Size Price
50054000 Coast 2 Seater Bench 349
50056000 Coast 3 Seater Bench 399

Features: By selecting only the finest timbers, designs and joinery methods we believe this Teak collection is second to none. Teak has quite an unmistakable contoured grain, together with a high retention of natural oils held within the wood which gives it a texture like silk. Our Teak collection combines the characteristic look of this beautiful timber with ergonomic designs giving you the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
Hartman: Hartman Teak offers a range of furniture selected from quality durable Teak, which means that this product can remain outside all year. From a large garden to a balcony setting this this Teak furniture will give a touch of class for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

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Name Description



Hartman Teak - 
Coast 2 Seater Bench
2 seater

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Hartman Teak - 
Coast 3 Seater Bench
3 seater


Suitable Cushions/Patterns for this model are:
Bari Beige, Green and Gold Stripe


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